Anyone can learn a language if they know how to do it :)

I have learned 7 languages without ever living abroad by applying methods that polyglots use.

My mission is to help others achieve the same. That's what language mentoring is about.

Lydia Machova

My name is Lydia Machova, I am from Slovakia and I am 29 years old. I work as a professional conference interpreter and language mentor. I learn a new foreign language approximately every two years, without ever living outside of Slovakia for more than 4 months.

On my 18-year-long journey of language learning, I have found a way for anyone to easily learn languages up to a level at which they feel comfortable and where they don't have to think too much when speaking. Learning languages does not have to be complicated or lengthy, and it should definitely never be boring. Quite the opposite, languages can be learned in a very fun and relaxed way.

My language learning philosophy

Learning a language must be fun

Otherwise it won't be half as effective. Your primary goal in language learning should be to find the right methods and resources which you will enjoy using and which you won't find boring.

Learning with a system is much more effective

Whether you're using a self-learner book or a combination of various resources, you need to have a learning system in place. Set yourself goals for a certain period of time and hold yourself accountable.

Use effective methods which really work

Many methods enable you to learn lots of words quickly but they only stay in your short-term memory. If you want methods that really work, watch how other polyglots learn languages. 

Make sure you have a lot of language contact

There is no shortcut to language mastery. You need to put in hours of input (listening and reading) and output (speaking and, if you like, writing). Repeated exposure to the most frequent words will make sure the language sticks.

The most important thing for me when learning a foreign language is to be able to speak it fluently and without much effort. This is my current level in my 7 languages in an impromptu speech.

Don't forget to turn on the English subtitles in the bottom right corner of the video.