Autodidacts’ Academy

A revolution in your language learning... in just 2 months! 

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Do any of these apply to you?

  • Would you like to be better at German, Spanish, French, or any other language that you have been learning for some time or used to learn in the past?
  • Do you find it hard to learn a language by yourself and to stay motivated for long?
  • Do you think language learning is difficult and that you probably don't even have the talent for it?
  • Would you like to be part of a dynamic community of great people working on their language learning for the next two months?

If your answer to at least one of these questions is "yes!," you've come to the right place!

My name is Lýdia Machová. I'm a polyglot and language mentor and I help people learn languages by themselves.

Everybody can do it, whether or not:

  • they have a language talent
  • they have a lot of time now or take care of their family full-time
  • they live in a city or a village
  • they have friends among native speakers or they haven't dared to speak to one
  • they've been trying to learn the language for one or 15 years

Your personal data (name and email address) will be processed by Language Mentoring s.r.o. in order to send you interesting information about language learning according to our Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe any time in every email.

I've learned 9 foreign languages by myself and speak 7 of them fluently. I've never lived abroad or had private teachers.

All I've been doing for the past 19 years is:

  • always learn in fun ways thatI enjoy
  • find methods and materials that are really effective
  • create a system in my learning based on a plan that I follow every day
  • spend a lot of time with the language. It's not possible to learn it otherwise.

The good news is that you can do it too!

We are happy to announce that Language Mentoring is opening the 


After 22 successful Autodidacts' Academies with a total of over 1,000 participants, we're opening the gates of the international Academy for people from all around the world again!

What language can I learn in the Academy?

Whichever you like! You can improve your English, German, Spanish, Russian, but also Japanese or Indonesian. :) Everybody is going to learn by themselves. Let me explain; keep reading. :)

What language level do I need?

Any level except for total beginner. Whether you used to speak the language quite well but lost most of it, or never even achieved fluency in it, if you've spent at least 6 months learning the language and understand at least some of it, you're eligible for the Academy!

So how does it work?

50 participants are going to improve their skills in a foreign language of their choice by working hard on it for two months. We are going to communicate via a closed Facebook group, emails, and webinars (live video streams).

You don't have to participate at any of this live in the specific time. You can read/watch/catch up with everything in your own time. There will be a replay for every live stream for the whole duration of the Academy.

You set your own learning plan according to our guide at the beginning and learn German, French, or another language whenever you have a bit of time. It can be 15 minutes a day or one hour a day.

The goal is to collect as many minutes spent with reading, listening, speaking, or writing as possible. Otherwise, you'll never improve the language level and get over the biggest wave.

What does the Autodidacts' Academy contain?

Lifetime access to the Language Master video course

Over 30 methods for learning languages explained in great detail, including instructional videos + worksheet for your later reference.

Accountability Sheet for tracking your learning

The Accountability Sheet is a huge motivation booster! It helps you track every minute you spend with learning, and you're going to be surprised how much time it adds up to!

Access to a closed Facebook group

The heart of our community. Here, we tell others about our first brave steps ("I've just talked to a native speaker for an hour!"), answer any questions, and share our tested resources.

Feedback for your learning from Lýdia

I mention every active participant and their successes in our webinars. I give advice about any changes to the plan if necessary. You're going to learn by yourself, but we're going to help you :)

Live language forum

For two months we're going to learn how to learn languages as effectively as possible. I'm going to answer all your questions during a live webinar, where you'll have the option to go live on camera and talk about your learning.

Motivational videos every week

Every Sunday you’ll get a new video with practical tips on how to improve your listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation. They will boost your motivation and give you additional language-learning hacks.

Weekly tasks

Every week will be dedicated to a different language-learning area (speaking, listening, etc.) and it’ll be your task to try out new methods. The goal is to find your best combination of methods to use even after the end of the Academy.

Competitions for active participants

If you complete our tasks, you’ll be rewarded! You can get a book of your choice and the most active participant will have a 1-on-1 consultation with me so that we can discuss your learning plan to the smallest detail.

What will you get in the Autodidacts’ Academy?

You’ll enjoy learning a language!

Are you tired of boring courses, textbooks, and learning a language because you "should”? Let’s change the way you learn Spanish or French or any other language. You won’t want to stop learning even after the Academy!

You’ll learn to use your time effectively

Learning a language by yourself (being an autodidact) is cool because you can use your time while doing household chores, walking a dog, driving, commuting to work, and so on. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll make to learn your language!

You’ll create a system in your learning

You’ll learn to build habits out of individual language-learning activities, and doing them won’t cost you much mental energy because they’ll become automatic. You’ll finally know what to do, when and you’ll feel empowered by it.

We’ll keep you accountable

Learning by yourself requires a lot of self-discipline. It’s so much easier when someone watches over you! Our team won’t let you forget about your learning plans. We’ll support you so you don’t give up!

You’ll get to know new methods to learn languages

The Internet gives us so many resources – we just need to know where to find them and how to use them! We’ll be listening to podcasts, watching TV shows, reading books and blogs and speaking to friends – all done in efficient, systematic ways.

You’ll be part of a motivated community

How about getting to know 50 people who are as motivated to learn a language as you are? You can schedule talks in your target language or exchange sessions in your mother tongues. Get to know nice smart people from all over the world!

You’ll improve your speaking skills

The only way to improve your speaking ability is to speak a LOT. And we put a lot of emphasis on speaking. We even have a special competition so you can collect as many hours of speaking practice as possible.

You’ll feel better in general

Doing something for your own development and doing it in a nice, organized way will do magic for you. You’ll feel that you’re finally making improvement and see other areas of your life improving as well.

Everybody learns by themselves, without teachers... 
Does that work at all?

Autodidacts’ Academy is no newbie! We’ve already organized 22 mentoring programs for people from all over the world over the last three years. But let the numbers speak for themselves:

Number of participants:

(working people, moms at home, pensioners, teachers... This will work for anyone!)

Number of languages:

(all kinds of languages, from Arabic through English to Slovak)

Average time spent learning:

9.2 hours a week

Yes, the participants are adults with busy lives - jobs, family, children, hobbies - and yet they manage to find an average of 9 hours a week to work on their language.

Success rate:


Only 14% of participants drop out from our course, most of them for personal reasons such as moving, unexpected job change, care of a sick family member, etc.…

If you find out that this system of learning doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, you’re entitled to a 100% refund within 30 days.

Rating of the program by the Academy participants:

The successful graduates will be awarded
a Language Mentoring certificate!

You just have to meet a couple of simple conditions during your participation in the program and learn at least 4 hours a week (on average – if you have a bad week, you can still catch up later) and we’ll send you a beautiful certificate with the exact data about your learning during the two months!

Your personal data (name and email address) will be processed by Language Mentoring s.r.o. in order to send you interesting information about language learning according to our Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe any time in every email.

What do the participants of my courses say about my methods? Have a look at their reactions:

Your personal data (name and email address) will be processed by Language Mentoring s.r.o. in order to send you interesting information about language learning according to our Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe any time in every email.

Frequently asked questions

• Who is the Academy meant for?

For anyone who wants to spend two months actively learning a language. Our experience is that members of the Academy spend as much as 8 – 15 hours a week learning the language because of the amazing motivation in the community and new, fun methods that they discovered thanks to the Language Master video course. If you want to improve your language once and for all and learn how you can become a true autodidact yourself, you will benefit greatly from this Academy.

• How is the Autodidacts' Academy different from the Language Master video course?

The video course provides the know-how about language-learning methods. You can watch them and apply them on your own time. The Academy is a two-month motivational program that will make sure you apply them over these two months. With the help of Lýdia, a language mentor, and a community of 50 other learners, you'll experience possibly the most active language-learning period you've ever had. People who learned with us in the previous Autodidacts' Academies have achieved much better results than those that only watched the video course. The Academy helps people overcome laziness and keep their learning discipline high. 

• I want to learn a language, but I’ve already enrolled in another course.

No problem at all! The language-mentoring methods can be beautifully combined with any other way of language learning, regardless if you attend a course, take private classes, have conversations with a native speaker, or use software to learn at home. Autodidacts’ Academy will help you find a better system in your learning and enrich it with new elements.

• Why can’t I join the Academy without buying the Language Master video course first?

The Autodidacts' Academy is not a language challenge where people just meet together and learn as a community. It is an online program that teaches both HOW to learn and then motivates people to really do it in practice. 

If you do not watch my videos from the video course before the start of the Academy, you will soon have many questions like “How am I supposed to learn vocabulary?” “Where can I find interesting series and videos?” “What am I supposed to focus on in my learning?” etc. The Language Master video course provides answers to all these questions. The know-how in the course is truly comprehensive, and I know from experience that even active language teachers and people who already have been learning languages by themselves can find a lot of new information there.

• What if I find out that this kind of learning doesn’t work for me?

You still risk nothing. You can ask for a refund within 30 days from the beginning of the Academy – just write us an email. You don’t even have to explain your reasons. It’s a new way of learning; that’s why you can try it for a month without any risk. 

Your personal data (name and email address) will be processed by Language Mentoring s.r.o. in order to send you interesting information about language learning according to our Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe any time in every email.