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Lýdia Machová

Lýdia teaches people how they can learn any language by themselves. She has learned 9 languages without ever living abroad or in a multilingual environment, maintains 7 of them at a fluent level and usually learns a new one every two years. After meeting dozens of polyglots like herself (people who speak a lot of languages), she realised what all of them had in common and now she shares these principles of language learning with the world as a language mentor – someone who will not teach you a language, but will teach you how you'll learn a language by yourself, following methods of language acquisition that millions of polyglots have discovered naturally. Given the universal nature of these principles, Lýdia can even help people learn languages she doesn't speak a word of. Lýdia was the main organiser of the world's biggest polyglot event called Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2017 and 2018. She holds a PhD in Translation studies and previously worked as a professional conference interpreter, working with speakers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Slovakia's former prime minister and first lady. Lýdia is currently based in Slovakia but travels quite often. She has turned her greatest passion (learning languages) into a living and her greatest mission is to change the way people learn languages – by realising that they can learn any language by themselves.
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How to improve your language-learning skills using self-talk

There’s no denying that speaking is a really important part of language learning. No wonder it’s one of the top priorities of successful language learners. For some of us, though, it can be a big obstacle. It’s no secret that speaking a language...

12 lessons learnt in 12 months of learning Swahili

1. One hour a day (ideally in the morning) keeps lack of motivation away. Not that this is totally new information for me. I’ve been practicing this also with Russian and French and found this approach works best for me in...

ReadLang: Your personal translator

If you’ve ever tried to read articles on the internet in a foreign language, you must have encountered a problem that you couldn’t understand some words. If only there was a way to have them translated in just one click… There is one! This...