• Do you want to improve your English, German, French, Russian or any other language?
  • Do you learn vocabulary but keep forgetting it?
  • Do you want to learn it in a pleasant and fun way, and especially, once and for all?

The Goldlist method will help you with that!

Download this free detailed guide for learning vocabulary into your long-term memory by writing words in a notebook!

About the author

Lýdia Machová, PhD. is a  language mentor who has learned 7 languages by herself, and usually learns a new one every two years.

She has helped thousands of people to learn languages by themselves, in ways different from traditional classroom methods, and with much better and faster results.

Lýdia is a TED and TEDx speaker and the main organizer of the Polyglot Gathering, one of the biggest world events for polyglots.

The Goldlist Method in a Nutshell

Stop looking for words in your head when speaking German or Spanish.

Start learning vocabulary with joy and leave the hard work behind. 

Learn effectively and remember words once and for all.

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