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    You will upgrade to Autodidacts’ Academy and apply Language Master methods in practice in July and August together with me and 30 other students!

Autodidacts' Academy

Read on and decide which option suits you better. The Language Master video course is enough to help you learn any language to a fluent level but if you learn together with us, you'll most probably achieve much better results and your learning will be much more fun! 

The first Autodidacts' Academy is going to happen:

2 July 2018 - 2 September 2018

Would you like to upgrade your order to Autodidacts' Academy and spend this summer learning with me and 30 other learners online?

247 EUR

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What is Autodidacts’ Academy?

  • Autodidacts’ Academy is an upgrade to the Language Master video course: you will learn by yourself using the know-how from the course and we will support you on your journey.
  • I lead the course in person, based on my experience in learning 9 languages, and I’ll be learning together with you (in my case it'll be Swahili, you can pick whatever language you want to improve)
  • It’s like an online language course but it’s tailored exactly to your needs. Why is that?
  • You can learn wherever you are.
  • You don’t have to attend classes at specific times and on specific weekdays.
  • You don’t need private classes.
  • You can learn languages that are not taught anywhere in your vicinity.
  • Everybody is going to learn by themselves but we form a community of 30 people.
  • You can learn any language at any level (except for complete beginner level).
  • When you finish the course, you’re going to be a successful self-learner and you'll know exactly how to continue by yourself.
  • If you finish the course, you’ll get a special Language Mentoring certificate at the end.
For me, the Autodidacts’ Academy is a revolution in learning. I could see the progress every single week and that was really motivating! I’m happy that I finally know how to really improve my foreign language skills and I’m not a “time-keeper” saying that I’ve been learning this language for 15 years….
Magdaléna Minárikováattendee of two Autodidacts’ Academy programs
I really liked the structure of the Academy: one week for preparation and then learning weeks always focused on one specific issue. I tried various methods during the program and I found out which ones work the best for me. This system of learning suits me perfectly and I’m going to continue even after the end of the Academy.
Lenka Pitoňákováattendee of two Autodidacts’ Academy programs

How does the program look?


Everybody learns by themselves…

This course is unique because each attendee learns in a way that’s adjusted to their own level, possibilities, priorities and interests. Everybody uses different methods but we apply the same principles. You don’t have to be online at a specific time - you can watch everything when you have time.

...but we are in it together!

We form an online community whose members help and support each other. Learning together is truly powerful because there’s a much greater chance that you’re going to keep learning actively for the whole two months. The community is one of the main reasons some attendees keep returning to the program time after time.

Live FAQ sessions about language learning

We are going to have a few live webinars (live streams) during the course of the program where we are going to evaluate our progress and answer any questions you’re going to have.You can join me live on camera and share your learning experience with others or ask me directly for advice on your learning.

Help with exploring new methods

Autodidacts’ Academy is special in the way that it won’t allow you to just use one or two methods that you’ve already known. We are going to assign you tasks every week to try some new methods so you become familiar with the whole Language Master video course. The tasks won’t take long and you’ll be able to use the newly-found methods even after the end of the program.

Accountability sheet for tracking your learning

Being accountable for your learning at home is an important part of language mentoring. You will track your learning time in a nice colorful online sheet to see who has really outdone themselves on the given day. Every week, we’re going to send you an e-mail with the assessment of your activity. Tracking your learning provides a great motivational boost - you’ll take learning more seriously when your fellow learners see how you’re doing. 🙂

Contests for active participants

It’s our goal to make you participate in the program as much as possible - in our experience, it leads to better results and perseverance in learning. That’s why we have prepared several contests for those who complete their weekly tasks, track their learning in the accountability sheet as well as those who spend most hours with conversations. If you’re not so active or communicative, you’ll lose nothing. But if you work hard, you can win an online consultation with Lydia.

Closed Facebook group

We are going to communicate in a closed Facebook group accessible only for the participants of Autodidacts’ Academy. We will share our experiences with language learning, problems that we encounter as well as successes we achieve. 🙂 We’ll support each other in the first courageous steps (especially speaking) and if someone gets drowned in the everyday reality, we’ll help them come back to us and start learning again.

Mutual conversations (submit to the learning languages of the participants)

Joining Autodidacts’ Academy has another advantage - you’ll get to know new people who want to learn languages just like you. We’ll create conditions for you to find conversation partners in the group. If you want to learn any of the world languages, it’s probable that you’ll be able to find someone on your level with whom you’ll also click as a person.

Autodidacts’ Academy is no newbie! We’ve already organised 9 mentoring programs for Slovak and Czech speakers over the last two years. But let numbers speak for themselves:

Number of languages:

(all kinds of languages, including Arabic and Japanese)

Number of participants:

(working people, moms at home, pensioners, students... Everyone is welcome :))

Participants who come back for more:

(many of them returned more than once)

Average time spent learning:

8.8 hours a week

Yes, the participants are adults with million responsibilities - jobs, family, children - and they keep learning even before Christmas!

Inactive members:

only 9.87%

Some people don’t manage to start learning, mostly for personal reasons: moving, unexpected job change, care of a sick family member…

If you find out that this system of learning doesn’t suit you, you’re entitled to a 100% refund within 30 days.

Rating of the program by the Academy participants:

The successful graduates will be awarded
a Language Mentoring certificate!


You just have to meet a couple of simple conditions during your participation in the program and learn at least 4 hours a week (in average - if you have a worse week, you can still catch up later) and we’ll send you a beautiful certificate with the exact data about your learning during the two months!

A chart showing learning of one of the Academy participants
I managed to overcome a barrier I had been struggling with for a year in spite of daily contact with the language. I feel more secure, confident and more comfortable because I know I have worked hard to improve my language skills. I did lots of listening, reading, writing and watching series. (I can see specific numbers in the accountability sheet). I can communicate so much better in English now.
Martina Faškováattendee of two Autodidacts’ Academy programs
I think the Academy is so elaborate and varied that everyone will find what they need there. It’s great that everyone can see the exact amount of time they spend studying, their progress and how they meet their goals. This type of study saves time – you get everything on a silver tray. I found out about methods and resources I’d had no idea before. I found friends in the Academy with whom we speak English for hours. I love the live webinars, emails and the FB group – even though you learn by yourself, you don’t feel alone and frustrated.
Darina Petrášováattendee of the Autodidacts’ Academy program

100% money-back guarantee

If the Academy does not meet your expectations or you don't like it for whatever reason, you will be entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee. All you need to do is write an email to info@languagementoring.com within 30 days of the start of the Academy and we'll send you your money back. There's no catch, I'm giving you my word for it.

Frequently asked questions

• Who is the Academy meant for?

For anyone who wants to spend two months actively learning a language. Our experience is that members of the Academy spend as much as 8-15 hours a week learning the language because of the amazing motivation in the community and new, fun methods that they discovered thanks to the Language Master video course. If you want to improve your language once and for all and learn how you can become a true autodidact yourself, you will benefit greatly from this Academy.

• How is the Autodidacts' Academy different from the Language Master video course?

The video course gives the know-how about language learning methods. You can watch them and apply them in your own time. The Academy is a two-month motivational program which will make sure you apply them this summer. With the help of Lýdia, a language mentor, and a community of 30 other learners, you'll experience possibly the most active language learning period you've ever had. People who learnt with us in the previous Autodidacts' Academies have achieved much better results than those that only watched the video course. The Academy helps people overcome laziness and keep their learning discipline high. 

• I want to learn a language but I’ve already enrolled in another course.

No problem at all! The language mentoring methods can be beautifully combined with any other way of language learning, regardless if you attend a course, private classes, have conversations with a native speaker or use software to learn at home. Autodidacts’ Academy will help you find a better system in your learning and enrich it with new elements.

• Why can’t I join the Academy without buying the Language Master video course first?

The Autodidacts' Academy is not a language challenge where people just meet together and learn as a community. It is an online program which both teaches HOW to learn and then motivates people to really do it in practice. 

If you do not watch my videos from the video course before the start of the Academy, you will soon have many questions like “How am I supposed to learn vocabulary?”, “Where can I find interesting series and videos?”, “What am I supposed to focus on in my learning?”, etc. The Language Master video course provides answers to all these questions. The know-how in the course is truly comprehensive and I know from experience that even active language teachers and people who already have been learning languages by themselves can find a lot of new information there.

• Is this my only chance to decide for the Academy? 

No, you can now push the red button and change your mind later, BUT: The Academy is now available at a very special price of 110 EUR. If you decide to join the Academy later, it will be more expensive. Besides, if 30 spots are taken, we will take no more participants. If you find it important to improve one particular language soon, don't put it off for later. Let's learn together in July and August! 🙂 

• What if I find out that this kind of learning doesn’t work for me?

You still risk nothing. You can ask for a refund within 30 days from the beginning of the Academy - just write us an email, you don’t even have to explain your reasons. It’s a new way of learning, that’s why you can try it for a month without any risk.