Master 2.0 mockup LM final

Language Master

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Master 2.0 mockup LM final
  • Complete know-how in easy-to-follow videos: 100 videos (total runtime of 15 hours) – 990 USD
  • Detailed Workbook: 60 pages of notes and space for your observations – 150 USD 
  • Instructional Videos: 30 videos demonstrating all recommended apps and websites – 420 USD
  • Study Plan: A complete step-by-step guide – 250 USD
  • Q&A: answers to all your questions about anything connected to language learning – 260 USD


  • Language Resources: 100 materials for each of the 7 most popular languages – 450 USD
  • 9 mini tests: check how much you've learned – 120 USD 
  • Experiences of successful self-learners: motivation booster – 60 USD
  • Practical tools for self-learners: e-books, examples of methods, charts, lists... – 150 USD
  • E-mail notifications: a 6-week course guide – 150 USD
100% guarantee - money back

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you find out within 14 days of getting access to the Language Master video course that for any reason whatsoever it is not the right thing for you, all you need to do is send us an e-mail addressed to and in a few days, we’ll issue a full refund of the course price to your account.

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