Want to hire me
as a speaker?

Photo credit: Ryan Lash/TED

I love giving talks and presentations about language learning. If you would like to have me as a speaker at your conference, here are some of the topic areas I can cover: 

How polyglots learn languages

Specific examples of several well-known and not-so-well-known polyglots, and what we can learn from them

[for wider public]

How to learn languages effectively

Explanation of the biggest mistakes in language learning and practical tips on how to start learning naturally in an enjoyable way

[for language learners]

How to help students become independent language learners

Designed for language teachers who feel they cannot help their students advance within the traditional system

[for language teachers]

How to learn languages by traveling

A practical guide on organizing your own language trip abroad, designed for travelers and people who are not afraid to step a bit out of their comfort zone

[for travelers]

How to set up a location-independent expert business

Sharing my experiences in online business starting in the small market of Slovakia and scaling up internationally

[for digital nomads]