“Black Friday Giveaway”

The rules of the giveaway titled “Black Friday Giveaway” (hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”) regulate the terms and conditions for participation in the giveaway “Black Friday Giveaway” (hereinafter referred to as “the Giveaway”) and the manner and procedure for carrying out the activities necessary for its organization, and they set out the details of the rights and obligations of the participants.


I. Organizer of the Giveaway (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”)

Company name: Language mentoring s.r.o.

Company address:

Jána Švermu 1178/12

958 01 Partizánske


Business ID: 51676982

Tax ID: 2120748267

The company Language mentoring, s.r.o. is registered in the Business Register of the Trenčín District Court, Section: Sro, Entry No. 36375/R.

II. Duration of the Giveaway

The Duration of the Giveaway is set for the period from the publishing of the giveaway post on the 21 November, 2022 until the draw, which will take place on the 25 November, 2022.

III. Persons eligible to take part in the Giveaway

Any person over the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as a “Participant of the Giveaway), who writes and publishes a comment for the giveaway post on the Instagram page of Language Mentoring https://www.instagram.com/languagementoring/ over the course of the Giveaway, in which they answer the giveaway question stated in the giveaway post, can take part in the Giveaway. Everyone who meets these conditions will automatically be entered into the draw.

Subsequently, one Winner will be chosen at random.

IV. Giveaway Conditions

Conditions for participation in the Giveaway:

1. Only Participants of the Giveaway listed in Article III may participate in the Giveaway.

2. By participating in the Giveaway, in the case of winning, a Participant of the Giveaway agrees to have their personal data processed and published in accordance with these Rules.

3. Every person who publishes a giveaway comment over the course of the Giveaway according to Article II will be entered into the draw.

V. Giveaway Prize

The winner of the Giveaway shall receive a non-monetary prize: the Language Master or Language Key video course, according to their preference, which the Company Jazykový mentoring s.r.o. donated to the Giveaway (the winner only wins one of these courses).

The Giveaway Prize is not recoverable in court. The Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Giveaway Prize is subject to income tax under Income Tax Act 595/2003 Coll., as amended, (hereinafter referred to as “Income Tax Act”) and the winner is obliged to comply with this Income Tax Act for the taxation of the Prize. The Prize which the winner receives shall constitute a prize before taxation.

According to Income Tax Act 595/2003 Coll., as amended, prizes from giveaways not exceeding 350 EUR are exempt from tax. The value of the Prize is determined by the selling price of the course at the time of winning the Prize, which is equivalent to 399 USD for the Language Key course and 399 USD for the Language Master course.

The Prize given to the Winner constitutes a prize before taxation and the Organizer of the Giveaway shall not be liable for any tax obligations resulting from the receipt of the Prize by the winner.

VI. Notification of winning

The name of a single Winner will be announced by the Organizer by tagging their Instagram name stated in the comments under the giveaway post, through which they participated in the Giveaway. The winner will also be contacted by a private message on Instagram, to which the winner is obliged to respond within 48 hours, otherwise the Organizer reserves the right to hold another draw for the purpose of giving the Prize to a new winner. 

VII. Handing over the Prize

For the purpose of handing over the Prize, the winner of the Giveaway is obliged to provide all assistance required by the Organizer to the Organizer. For the purpose of announcing the results of the Giveaway and handing over the Prize, the Organizer is entitled to contact the Winner and ask for their name, surname, e-mail address, or any other details necessary for handing over the Prize. Providing the Winner’s details is voluntary, but failure to do so will be deemed to be a failure on the part of the Winner to provide the assistance necessary to claim the Prize, which will result in the forfeiture of the Winner’s right to the Prize. The personal data of the Winner will be processed by the Organizer for a maximum period of 6 months from the day they are provided to the Organizer. You can find more information about the processing of the Winner’s personal data at this link: https://www.languagementoring.com/terms/

By providing the above stated personal data, the Winner consents to the Organizer’s publishing of such data, in the scope of the name and surname of the Winner, in the list of winners published on the Organizer’s official Instagram page.

VIII. Loss of Prize entitlement

The Winner shall lose their entitlement to the Prize in the event that they do not meet any (one or more) of the conditions stated in Article IV of these Rules. The Winner shall also lose their entitlement to the Prize if they fail to react to the notification of winning within 48 hours, as is stated in Article VI of the Rules.

IX. Final provisions

The relationships arising out of these Rules are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic. By taking part in the Giveaway, every Participant confirms that they have been made aware that Meta company has no obligations toward the Participant and that no such obligations shall be incurred by Meta company as a result of participation in the Giveaway.

The Organizer of the giveaway declares that the Giveaway is in no way sponsored, supported, managed, or otherwise associated with Meta company. Meta company has no affiliation with this Giveaway.

In the event of any doubt as to whether the rules of the Giveaway have been complied with, the Organizer shall have the right to decide further procedure and the Organizer reserves the right to change these Rules and/or the terms and conditions of the Giveaway, even after it has been announced.

In Partizánske on 17 November 2022.