Watch and Learn

YES, I'm ordering the 24-page-long ebook Watch and Learn that will give me specific information on how to watch series not only for fun but also to improve my foreign language!

The Watch and Learn ebook usually costs 27 EUR

ONLY NOW for 7€!

Need help?

Katarína Václaviková



The practical advice in the ebook helped me to add watching series into my everyday life. I've even got to love cooking which I used to avoid at all costs. I put my laptop on the kitchen counter and cut vegetables while watching series in French 🙂
Hana Jokelová
"An interesting book about an interesting way to learn languages. I've always thought that when I don't understand a series in a foreign language, it's no use watching it. This ebook changed my mind. Right after I finish writing this email, I'm going to watch a series - without subtitles in my mothertongue ;)"
Manuel Favid
"Using Lýdia's methods, my English improved more in half a year than it did in 20 years."
Erik Hoffman

I'm aware that if I don't like the ebook for any reason, I can ask for a refund within 14 days and I'll get it back to my account.