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Watch and Learn

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What information does the ebook contain?

  • Is it better to watch with or without subtitles? Are subtitles in your mother tongue better than subtitles in the foreign language?
  • A simple trick to help you if you don't understand everything they're saying in the series
  • A tip for watching series on your phone on a bus or a train (also offline)
  • A tip for learning two languages at once using series
  • A guide for growing your vocabulary systematically using series
  • Recommendations of over 50 specific series – just pick one and start learning!
  • Why are series much more suitable for language learning purposes than movies?
  • Where to find complete scripts of series
  • How to deal with streaming websites that keep snowballing you with ads

Get your Watch and Learn ebook

Watch and Learn ebook

27 EUR

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YES, I want to order the 24-page-long ebook Watch and Learn that will give me specific information on how to watch series not only for fun but also to improve my foreign language!

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“I'm convinced that languages should be learnt in a pleasant way, not by cramming grammar into your head. I've learned 7 languages to a fluent level by myself – by watching series and using some other fun methods. In the ebook, I reveal all my tips and tricks to help you achieve it as well. Yes, even if you've always felt that movies and series are too difficult or too fast for you to understand!"

Lýdia Machová, PhD.

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