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Find out more about the Language Master video course suitable for learners on the lower intermediate or higher levels. If you want to see the complete offer of my courses, click HERE.

How does the Language Master video course look like?

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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Not only does the video course contain over 40 videos of me explaining the individual language-learning methods by yourself, but also a beautiful Worksheet and many bonus materials.

The video course consists of 9 modules:


About Language Learning

I’ll explain to you how polyglots learn languages and what principles must be kept in order to achieve visible improvement in your language within a few weeks. It’s very different from learning languages at school.  


You’ll get lots of tips on where to find interesting reading materials on your level, both printed and digital, and how to use them effectively. You’ll be amazed at how simple apps can make your reading experience more enjoyable.


Great tips on how to listen to hundreds of hours of recordings and videos in the language you’re learning. The internet is a neverending source of them, you just need to know how to get them and how to use them systematically.


This special module gives tips on combining the two activities together for an even more efficient learning experience. You’ll learn how to use bilingual books in combination with audiobooks and much more.


Don’t worry, this won’t be any boring theory, we’ll get down to the practical stuff! Most people dread grammar because in school, they learnt it based on rules and exceptions. I’ll show you a different way, a more natural one.


Whether you want to improve your spelling or your ability to organize your thoughts on paper in the target language, this module will show you how. There are apps which can help you exchange texts with other learners.   


Probably the most dreaded and most needed module will tell you how to work on your speaking skills, how to find native speakers of your language in your city or online and how to practise speaking even as introverts.


There are hundreds of methods to learn vocabulary. I won’t bother you with all, I’ll just go into detail for the most efficient ones, used often by polyglots. You’ll get a hands-on instruction on how to use them yourself.


If native speakers can’t understand you at all, you need to give pronunciation more attention.  Systematic practice and some knowledge of the theory of pronunciation in that language (phonetics) can change a lot.

Work Sheet

In my videos, you’ll hear lots of tips which you’ll want to note down. Why not have all your notes in a nice work sheet that goes with the course? You can print it or use the online version, whichever suits you better. The Work Sheet will help you:

make notes for individual methods so you don’t forget anything important afterwards
have useful links and additional information about the methods on paper
realize what are your real needs and priorities in your language learning
create a learning plan which won’t let you give up this time
test how much you’ve learnt from the video course using a short test


The video course itself is all you need to create your own learning plan and start learning right away, but the bonuses will make it even easier and more fun!

E-BOOK Watch and Learn

A comprehensive guide on how to use TV series to improve any language

This 25-page-long ebook has gained thousands of fans in Slovakia. If you like watching films and series, you'll find all the tips here to turn your watching into a very useful language learning activity. And if you don't like it that much, who knows, maybe you'll start. You'll find the download link in the email confirmation that we received your payment.

E-BOOK The Goldlist Method in a Nutshell

Do you want to improve your English, German, French, Russian or any other language? Do you learn vocabulary but keep forgetting it? Do you want to learn it in a pleasant and fun way, and especially, once and for all?

The Goldlist method will help you with that!

The ebook includes a detailed guide for learning vocabulary into your long-term memory by writing words in a notebook!

E-BOOK The Flashcards Adventure

A manual on learning vocabulary with hand-made flashcards! Vocabulary learning has never be so much fun!

Instructional Videos

It is good to know there is an app which enables you to download podcasts for free, but it’s even better to see how it works in practice, right? This is why I’ve recorded videos with very detailed instructions on how to use 6 out of the 30 methods explained in the video course. I’ll let you peek over my shoulder so you’ll know exactly how to work with them yourself.

Language Resources

The video course will show you HOW you can use resources from the internet, this bonus will tell you WHERE exactly you'll find them. We’ve been collecting useful resources to learn languages from our students and this is where you’ll find it all. A huge collection of links and tips for materials to learn English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Polish. More languages will be added later on based on what our video course participants will need most.  

Previous webinars of Language Mentoring

Have you missed some of the previous webinars I’ve had?

I hold them for free for those who register in time and they can see a replay within a few days but inside the video course member zone, you’ll be able to watch the previous webinars anytime.


Exclusive Talks of 5 Famous Polyglots

Some of the best-known polyglots have shared their know-how on learning languages with Slovaks who attended a special conference I organized in Bratislava in 2017 parallel to the Polyglot Gathering. Have a look at how Steve Kaufmann, Benny Lewis, Luca Lampariello, Judith Meyer and Richard Simcott learn their 15th, 20th or even 50th language.

The price of the Language Master video course is:

997 USD

But you can have it with a 60 % discount just for

197 USD

"For me, this is a revolution in learning. I could see the progress every single week and that was really motivating! I’m happy that I finally know how to really improve my foreign language skills and I’m not a “time-keeper” saying that I’ve been learning this language for 15 years… "
Magdaléna Mináriková
"I’ve never achieved such progress in such a short time. My pronunciation has improved, I talked a lot, learned loads of new expressions and brushed up on the ones I had forgotten long ago. I also improved my grammar, found out what issues I struggle with and what I should work on. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if mentoring would be of any help for me even with my level of language. But it helped a lot and I’m happy that I’ve participated. :)"
Barbara Pecková
"What an amazing experience! This was the best investment into language education in my life (and I sure have invested a lot of money into language education). I loved the constant stream of motivation and the incredible number of possibilities to actively work on my English. I finally perceive English as a language, not just a mixture of sounds! And I am not so afraid of speaking anymore - that’s a huge progress."
Adriana Žbirková

Do you need help?

Katarína Václaviková


If the video course does not meet your expectations or you don't like it for whatever reason, you will be entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee. All you need to do is write an email to within 14 days of receiving your login data and I'll send you your money back. There's no catch, I'm giving you my word for it. 


Not sure if this course is the right thing for you? Have a look at what other participants have said about it. 

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video
I can’t recommend “Language Mentoring” enough! If you really want to learn a language and are willing to take full control of the entire process, then look no further. I’ve been struggling with Russian (as a third language) on and off (more off than on) for five years now but have made a significant amount of progress in just three weeks. You will feel enough progress (that is if you are responsible) that you will wish to continue. And the will to continue because of seeing the light through this system is the magic behind it all. It’s as simple as that."
Irving Blacker
This is the BEST course I have ever taken. Blows my mind how well the material is organized and detailed. Lydia is brilliant and so much fun.
Julie Adams
I had felt I should do something about my English for quite some time. I'd heard about Lydia and her methods and my expectations were pretty high. And they got totally surpassed! Her methods are just AWESOME! A wonderful presentation of dozens of interesting ways to learn any language. Everyone can choose whichever they like and which will help them best in particular problems with the language. This seminar has finally got me going and I have started learning right after the seminar. And believe it or not: it's great fun! 🙂
Denisa Holíčová
If you want to really learn a foreign language but you don't know how, listen to this girl. She's nice, smart, she talks in an interesting and inspiring way and she'll give you so many ways to improve your languages that if you can't make it work after this seminar, you never will! 🙂
Iveta Sajanová
AMAZING! A must-attend. It's the perfect springboard to learning languages in a fun way, not the school way. I learnt about really valuable ways of learning languages that I started applying in my life right away. This was a great investment indeed!
Lucia Švaral
I signed up for the seminar because I felt the need to improve two languages that I was once good at but then they got rusty. I can tell you honestly that Lýdia's seminar was a very positive surprise as to the know-how and methods she presented. I'm very grateful for this opportunity. The seminar gave me a wave of energy to start learning languages again, which I think was my biggest issue. Now I have an exact plan, so any excuses are irrelevant.
Lucia Kopecká

Who can benefit from the Language Master video course?

The online Language Master video course is a recording of my live seminar. It's suitable especially for everyone who:

has basic or advanced proficiency in a foreign language;
knows that they should improve their language skills but they lack motivation;
is motivated to improve their foreign language skills but doesn't know how;
knows how but they lack a specific plan or system;
maybe even has a plan but they still can't make themselves learn.

What is this kind of learning based on?

In the video course, I'll introduce you to a wide selection of simple, yet effective, methods and ways to improve your language skills:

by yourself – without a teacher;
without traveling abroad;
whenever it suits you;
with a focus on speaking/reading/listening/writing/grammar/vocabulary – whatever you choose;
in a way that will be fun for you.

Don't expect any dry theory on language learning or how the brain works. I'm all for practice 🙂 

All the methods I speak of in the video course, are practical advice that you can apply immediately after watching the videos.

You'll find out about:

specific methods
specific websites
specific apps
specific ways to work with the materials

What you'll find out in the video course:

basic principles for effective language learning;
why the way you've been learning languages doesn't work and how to change it;
how polyglots learn languages;
how to keep your motivation for learning;
how to get in touch with native speakers without traveling abroad;
detailed tips for improving your writing and speaking skills and reading and listening comprehension in a foreign language, how to expand your vocabulary and learn grammar;
how to finally get rid of your fear of speaking and start interacting naturally in a foreign language;
how to find time for learning even though you're extremely busy;
a guide for creating system in language learning.

What will you get by watching the video course?

information on over 30 ways of language learning, most of which you've probably never heard of
tips on many modern tools (apps, websites) that you can use for language learning immediately, and mostly for free
a detailed manual for working with materials – books and textbooks that you have had at home for ages
an exact guide for systematic language learning
a step-by-step manual for setting your goals and priorities in the language and how to achieve them
a huge dose of motivation (that's what hundreds of my satisfied clients say 🙂 )


Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants to learn any foreign language and is not a complete beginner in that language. These methods require some basic knowledge of the language you want to learn (A2 level is enough).

Who is this course NOT for?

For people who expect a magical method that will teach them a language in two weeks. Unfortunately, such miraculous methods do not exist, although the internet is full of such promises. As a person who’s learnt 7 languages on a fluent level, I know language learning requires some effort but this effort can be made in a pleasant and fun way. This video course will show you exactly how to work on your foreign language in a way which you’ll enjoy and which will suit you.

What is actually your method, Lydia?

I don’t have “my method”, I have a language learning philosophy: you have to find your own combination of methods which you’ll follow regularly for a few weeks or months. An example of such methods are watching TV series, reading bilingual books, talking to a colleague over lunch, improving your grammar with exercises, learning vocabulary uing the Goldlist method etc. In my video course, I’ll tell you about 30 such methods and all you need to do is pick those that you like most, based on your priorities – do you need to improve your speaking, or rather writing? Do you need a wider vocabulary or would you like to be more sure of your grammar? In the course, I’ll help you create the perfect plan for you which will be easy to follow.

What languages can I learn with this course?

Basically, any language at all. The know-how in the video course is not bound to any particular language, although I must say that my experience in language learning is mostly with European languages. The bonus resources include concrete links and tips for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian, but more languages will be added soon based on what participants of the course will need most.

I am not an English native speaker, is that a problem?

Not at all! If you can read this page without greater difficulty and if you’ve understood most of what I say in any of my videos in English, you’ll have no problems following my course. Right now, the videos do not have subtitles but English subtitles will be added within a few weeks, and we’re also planning to add Russian and Spanish subtitles later on.

How long does the course take?

This course is very individual. You can get access to it today and decide to watch it any time in the future. Your access will be valid forever, including all the bonuses. The videos have about 5 hours altogether so you can watch it all in one week, or even one day, or you can watch it step by step. Once you’ve seen all the videos, you will create your learning plan which you will then follow for two or three months. Afterwards, you can create a new plan and continue learning.

How much can I improve with these methods?

That depends solely on you. I have had students who made an incredible progress in just two or three months. They learnt the language every day for a few hours, but they loved it because they found the perfect methods and materials for themselves. Others decide to work on their language for just 15 minutes a day. That is much better than doing nothing, but of course, it will not make you fluent in just a couple of weeks. I suggest you find 30 to 60 minutes a day and that’s usually enough to see a very visible improvement in your language skills after two or three months, especially if your learning until now has been irregular and not systematic.  

It all sounds good, but I don’t have the discipline to learn by myself

Many participants of my courses thought the same 🙂 We are all a bit lazy, and it’s difficult to stay motivated by yourself. But this is exactly where having a system and a plan help immensely. If you decide to listen to a podcast for 10 minutes every day on your way to work, and you’ll put your headphones next to your keys, it’ll be easy to follow this simple rule. In the video course, you’ll learn lots of such little tricks. If you think it would still be difficult for you to stick to your plan, you should join our Autodidacts’ Academy (see below).

How can I join the Autodidacts’ Academy?

Autodidacts’ Academy is a two-month online course which will change your language learning forever! A group of people will be learning whatever language they’re learning using the methods in the Language Master video course and the help of me and my team. It is for a limited number of people and it is available only to those who have bought the Language Master video course, because the Autodidacts’ Academy is based on the know-how explained in the video course. If you would like to join the Academy, please fill in the form to order the video course and you will see all about the Academy right after you click on “Order now”.

What if these methods don’t suit me?

You still risk nothing. You are entitled can ask for a refund within 14 days from the beginning of the Academy - just write us an email, you don’t even have to explain your reasons. It’s a new way of learning, that’s why you can try it for a month without any risk.