Me in the media

Actual Fluency Podcast on my experiences learning languages, interpreting, and my concept of language mentoring.

In this nice interview, I present my view of Bratislava and what I recommend seeing and doing there. May come in handy if you are planning to visit Bratislava 🙂 

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TV Markíza: Reflex (17 May 2016)
UK-Union-Flag (with EN subtitles)

A short video on how I learn languages in my everyday life. TV Markíza is the biggest private TV channel in Slovakia and the Reflex show is broadcast daily from 5 to 6 pm. Being on this show was a big thing 🙂

Language mentoring 101 (podcast episode)

A podcast of Mango Languages on my views on learning languages, on language mentoring, and much more. 

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Interview with Jan van der Aa from LanguageBoost

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What you need to know about the Polyglot Gathering

(How does one learn languages when they already speak six?)


An article in a students' magazine on one of my talks on how to learn languages effectively. I used to do those talks for students once or twice a year during my PhD studies.

An interview in Esperanto. We discuss the four main pillars of my philosophy, some tips for learning languages effectively, and my language mentoring experience. Listen to a bit to get a feel for this amazingly simple, and yet beautiful language. 

Moje doświadczenie z ayahuascą

(My experience with ayahuasca)

In this interview in the Polish Radio Kraków, we talk about my rather unusual experience of interpreting a Peruvian shaman in a jungle for two weeks. I was there with two private clients who undertook a healing ceremony with a drug called ayahuasca which has adetoxifying effect on the body and spirituality.

Nový Čas is the most popular Slovak daily which featured an article on me and my lectures as well as a video on their website.  

The journalists from Ženy v meste ("Women in the City") invited me for a nice afternoon in Bratislava's fancy beauty parlour to change my hairstyle and do a fun photo shooting. 

"No success ever comes just like that. There's always lots of work which is not always visible at first sight."

Tempo Newspaper: 
She can untie your tongue

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