Language Key

The Language Key video course is meant for complete beginners and false beginners who want to learn any foreign language by themselves. If you want to see all my available video courses (i.e. for intermediate students), click here.

What does the Language Key video course look like?

What is inside the Language Key Video Course?

This video course is for anyone who wants to start learning a new foreign language from scratch. You’ll start with the basics and work your way up to the level on which you understand simple texts and videos and are able to communicate on a simple level.

The video course has 9 modules:

Language Learning Basics

Before you start the language learning adventure, there’s a few things you should know so that you can start learning a lot more effectively.

Which Method to Choose?

There are so many methods available! Apps, online programs, books, audio courses… I’ll walk you through the most effective ones so you don’t waste your time.

Books make the difference!

You can learn in many different ways but there’s one thing you should include for sure: a book! I’ll tell you why and how to pick the right one.

The Back-Translation Method

My absolutely favourite way to start learning a language – a method based on translating texts. Simple to use and works amazingly!

How to Learn New Words (And Keep Them!)

Vocabulary is crucial when it comes to learning a language. These are the most effective ways to remember new words (without memorizing!).

How To Handle Pronunciation

Different pronunciation of the new language may look scary at first but I’ll tell you how to manage it without too much trouble.

Don’t Worry About Grammar!

Grammar really isn’t as unpleasant and boring as we thought back at school. I’ll tell you a few cool tricks to overcome grammar issues (with focus on European languages).

Speaking Is The Ultimate Goal!

Right? We learn a language to be able to speak it. So why not start right from the beginning? I’ll tell you exactly how to do this and not feel like a failure.

Create Your Learning Plan

Now that we know everything, it’s time to make a systematic plan and start learning!

The Video Course Will Answer
Questions Such As:

  • How should I start learning on Day 1?
  • What materials will I need?
  • How do I pick the best book to learn from?
  • Can I learn a language with Duolingo or another app?
  • How can I remember new words if I don’t want to study hard?
  • When is the best time to start speaking?
  • And how do I do it if I don’t know many words?
  • How can I learn a language which has so many different sounds?
  • What if the grammar is too hard?
  • How often and how much should I learn?
  • How can I learn if I’m too busy?

… and many others! And the best thing is, if you have any other question, you’ll simply ask me inside the video course and I’ll reply asap!

Actually, there are a few more...

Benefits of the Language Key Video Course

No Boring Theory, But Practical Tips

I am not one to explain to you the theory of how your brain works. I do have a PhD degree but I’m a great fan of keeping things simple and, most of all, practical! In this video course, I’ll give you the most practical instructions on how to start learning a language.

Tried and Tested – With Results!

All of my language-learning know-how is based on my 18 years of experience in learning 9 languages out of which I got 7 to a fluent level. I never preach what I haven’t tried. Besides, I keep discussing methods with the world’s best polyglots.

It’ll Save You Thousands of Dollars and Years of Studying

Why experiment with language learning and waste years if you can have a shortcut and get all the best tips nicely organized in one place? If I had know these things back when learning my first language, I’d be able to speak 20 by today! 🙂

Brand New Methods And Approaches

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things and expecting different results. (Einstein said this, supposedly.) If you’ve tried it before and you didn’t get anywhere, why not try it differently? Let me tell you about the best methods to learn.

Motivation-Packed Course

People often tell me that after listening to me for a few minutes they want to learn languages right away! Motivation is really important on the language learning journey, so if you can get a dose of it from someone who loves language learnings like me, why not use it?

You Pick Your Way, I’ll Guide You

My methodology is different from most others because I won’t tell you the exact one way to learn a language. Instead, I’ll explain the principles and how to pick the best resources and you will learn in the way that suits you best!

And On Top of The Video Course With The Complete Know-How on How to Start Learning a Language, You’ll Also Get Bonuses!

1) This is How Polyglots Learn!

“If I asked a hundred different polyglots, I heard a hundred different approaches to learning languages.” This is a quote from my TED talk which got 1 million views in the first five days online.

...and I really do know 100+ polyglots! I organised the world’s biggest polyglot meet-up in Slovakia in 2018 with 540 polyglots from all over the world. So why not ask them how they go about learning languages?

In this bonus section, you’ll find my interviews with some of the most skilled polyglots I know. I’ve asked them all about their methods right at the beginning of learning a language and you’ll get to hear the answers.

2) Previous webinars of Language Mentoring

Have you missed some of the previous webinars I’ve had?

I hold them for free for those who register in time and they can see a replay within a few days but inside the video course member zone, you’ll be able to watch the previous webinars anytime.


3) Ebook: Watch and Learn

E-BOOK Watch and Learn

This 25-page-long ebook has gained thousands of fans in Slovakia. If you like watching films and series, you'll find all the tips here to turn your watching into a very useful language learning activity. And if you don't like it that much, who knows, maybe you'll start. You'll find the download link in the email confirmation that we received your payment.

4) Ebook: The Flashcards Adventure

A manual on learning vocabulary with hand-made flashcards! Vocabulary learning has never be so much fun!

5) Ebook: The Goldlist Method In a Nutshell

Do you want to improve your English, German, French, Russian or any other language? Do you learn vocabulary but keep forgetting it? Do you want to learn it in a pleasant and fun way, and especially, once and for all?

The Goldlist method will help you with that!

The ebook includes a detailed guide for learning vocabulary into your long-term memory by writing words in a notebook!

6) Instructional Videos

It is good to know there is an app which enables you to download podcasts for free, but it’s even better to see how it works in practice, right? This is why I’ve recorded videos with very detailed instructions on how to use 6 out of the 30 methods explained in the video course. I’ll let you peek over my shoulder so you’ll know exactly how to work with them yourself.

7) Language Resources 

The video course will show you HOW you can use resources from the internet, this bonus will tell you WHERE exactly you'll find them. We’ve been collecting useful resources to learn languages from our students and this is where you’ll find it all. A huge collection of links and tips for materials to learn English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Polish. More languages will be added later on based on what our video course participants will need most.  

The price of the Language Key video course is:

497 USD

But you can have it with a 60% discount for

197 USD

Do you need help?

Katarína Václaviková


"For me, this is a revolution in learning. I could see the progress every single week and that was really motivating! I’m happy that I finally know how to really improve my foreign language skills and I’m not a “time-keeper” saying that I’ve been learning this language for 15 years… "
Magdaléna Mináriková
"I’ve never achieved such progress in such a short time. My pronunciation has improved, I talked a lot, learned loads of new expressions and brushed up on the ones I had forgotten long ago. I also improved my grammar, found out what issues I struggle with and what I should work on. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if mentoring would be of any help for me even with my level of language. But it helped a lot and I’m happy that I’ve participated. :)"
Barbara Pecková
"What an amazing experience! This was the best investment into language education in my life (and I sure have invested a lot of money into language education). I loved the constant stream of motivation and the incredible number of possibilities to actively work on my English. I finally perceive English as a language, not just a mixture of sounds! And I am not so afraid of speaking anymore - that’s a huge progress."
Adriana Žbirková

If the video course does not meet your expectations or you don't like it for whatever reason, you will be entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee. All you need to do is write an email to within 14 days of receiving your login data and I'll send you your money back. There's no catch, I'm giving you my word for it. 


The Slovak version of the Language Key videocourse has hundreds of attendees. This is what they say about it:

I realized that memorizing vocabulary and agonizing about every sentence to make sure it's correct, won't lead me anywhere...
Lenka Doháňoš Pindrochová

It was so inspiring and positive! The best thing about the course is that you'll get a literal guide for learning foreign languages by yourself while keeping certain principles.
Lýdia Kožejová

The seminar was excellent. It gave me exactly what I came for. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn a new language, refresh their skills in the language they learned in the past as well as everyone who's fighting the "false beginner" problem as the course is full of useful information on effective language learning.
Jitka Mikušováparticipant of the live Slovak Language Key seminar


  What language can I learn with the video course?

That's the best part: any language, especially if it's a European language! The Language Key video course is unique because it will show you universal techniques for learning any language. Still, I have to say, I'm not an expert at Asian languages, and although I have information from other polyglots on how to proceed with Chinese or Japanese, I can't give you detailed advice on these languages. 

The best advice I can give you is on European languages, especially those I've learnt myself – English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Esperanto, Russian, and Swahili. The examples in the course are mostly about English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

If you want to learn a different European language, such as Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and others, the video course will give you an exact guide on how to do it.

  What if I'm not a total beginner?

This video course is for people who haven't started learning a language yet but also for those who have started many times but have never gone far. If you're also a "false beginner" or "eternal beginner" and still haven't managed to get over the basics in the language, can't get around in common situations and when listening to the language, you catch only some individual words, this course will give you an exact manual to change that once and for all.

  How much will I have to learn to make these methods work?

You can tailor language learning to your own needs: if you have less time right now, it's enough to learn for 20 minutes a day but it's necessary to be in a quiet environment and focus fully on learning. Thanks to the videos in the video course, you'll know exactly what you need to do during those 20 minutes and how to create your own learning system to see visible results in a couple of weeks and be able to express yourself in simple sentences in the language. If you follow the advice in the video course, you can look forward to a stable progress that will motivate you to keep learning. And maybe you'll get as hooked on language learning as I am and learn a new language every two years.

 How much time does it take to watch the webinar?

The video course contains videos sorted into 9 modules that make up about 4 hours of material. I recommend to watch it at least twice to be able to process and fully comprehend all the information. But you can divide it for several sessions if you don't have much time. Your access to the video course will be lifetime so you can buy it now and watch it later at any time. All the information will wait for you there neatly organized. 

  What if I buy both courses and want a refund on only one of them within the money-back period?

No problem. We'll divide the amount you paid 50:50 and refund exactly 50% of the course to you. You'll keep your lifetime access to the course that suits your needs. We'll cancel your access to the other course and send the amount to your account/PayPal. We don't want anybody to risk anything – you need to try the course out and you'll see if it's the right option for you or not.