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 Language Master

Lýdia's complete know-how on learning any language from the intermediate level onwards

Lifetime access to videos with a detailed explanation of more than 30 methods to improve any language

Watch the video course at your own pace using elaborate Work Sheet and work out a learning plan that will perfectly fit your needs.

Audio files of the videos in the modules for download

BONUS: Watch and Learn (EBOOK)

A complete guide on how to learn languages using TV shows

BONUS: The Flashcards Adventure (EBOOK)

A manual on learning vocabulary with hand-made flashcards

BONUS: instructional videos

A detailed guide for work with selected websites and apps

BONUS: links to useful language resources

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5 exclusive talks of world-known polyglots (Richard Simcott, Benny Lewis, Judith Meyer, Steve Kaufmann, Luca Lampariello)


Watch and Learn

A comprehensive guide on how to learn any language using TV-shows

  • Is it better to watch with or without subtitles? Are subtitles in your mother tongue better than subtitles in the foreign language?
  • A simple trick to help you if you don't understand everything they're saying in the series
  • A tip for watching series on your phone on a bus or a train (also offline)
  • A tip for learning two languages at once using series
  • A guide for growing your vocabulary systematically using series
  • Recommendations of over 50 specific series – just pick one and start learning!
  • Why are series much more suitable for language learning purposes than movies?
  • Where to find complete scripts of series
  • How to deal with streaming websites that keep snowballing you with ads