My Language Mentoring Services

or, Lydia, what do you actually do?

  Video courses with my complete know-how

After two years of helping Slovaks learn languages, I am very proud to present my best language-learning know-how to the wider world, using English.  It's ideal for:

  1. people who are at a lower-intermediate level or higher in a certain language and are having trouble progressing.
  2. people who are already are quite advanced in a language but are unable to speak confidently, or have problems with any other areas of the language, such as having difficulty understanding native speakers.
  3. those who have lost contact with a language over the years, although they used to speak it well, and they don’t know how to bring it back to life and improve it even further.

The video course will guide you through more than 30 available methods for improving specific language areas (listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation), and it will help you create your own specific learning plan that will help you achieve your desired language learning goals. The video course also contains tips for specific resources that can be used for widely used languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, RU, PL). While watching the videos, you will fill in a workbook that will help you recall details from the videos later.

The video course is not time-limited and does not take place on a specific day or time. You will immediately receive access details to the member zone on my website, where you can watch the videos as many times as you want. It is perfect for people who don’t have much time or irregular schedules.

 Autodidacts' Academy

My online mentoring programs called Autodidacts' Academy are the most effective way to learn how to learn languages by yourself.

In the two-month online course, I guide the participants on their first path with individual learning of any language from the lower intermediate level onwards.

The number of participants is limited and registration only opens once every two to three months. It resembles an online language course, but it’s completely individual and tailored exactly to your needs and preferences. Everyone learns their language by themselves (there's no teachers and no teaching!) based on their individualized learning plan.

AA v popise: I have held 15 such programs so far, with over 700 participants, most of whom usually achieve a great improvement in their language in just a few weeks.


I love giving talks and presentations about language learning, and the bigger the audience, the better 🙂 Some of my current favourite topics are the following:

How polyglots learn languages:

specific examples of several well-known and not-so-well-known polyglots, and what we can learn from them;

How to learn languages effectively:

a general talk on language learning with detailed explanations of my philosophy and several practical tips and examples;

How to help students become independent language learners:

designed for language teachers who feel they cannot help their students advance within the traditional system;

How to learn languages by traveling:

a practical guide on organizing your own language trip abroad, designed for travelers and people who are not afraid to step a bit out of their comfort zone;

What the audience enjoys the most in my talks is the energy and the generous dose of motivation they leave with. I love to pass my know-how and encouragement on to people by means of live presentations. Although I often used to stand on the stage as an interpreter, I enjoy the role of speaker even more as I now have a chance to share my own message with the audience.

Hundreds of people have already attended my talks and the interest in these topics is remarkably high (for example, in the well-known cultural centre of KC Dunaj, in Downtown Bratislava, 2,000 people showed their interest on Facebook and the tickets were sold out within a couple of days. The talk hadn’t even managed to get in the printed program by that time!).

If you are interested in having me as a speaker in your event (wherever in the world, I love traveling 😉 ), please contact me at

Private “VIP” Language Mentoring

I receive a lot of requests for private lessons but I do not usually offer them. The reason is that before I am able to help anyone on their language learning path, I need them to:

  • Understand my whole language learning philosophy (meaning in what ways polyglots learn differently from the traditional school system)
  • Learn how to work with resources using effective methods
  • Create a system in their learning
  • Experiment with methods, resources and the system for some time in order to find the perfect way for themselves which they enjoy and are able to maintain for several months.

All of the above is explained in details in the 6+ hours of video content inside the Language Master video course (and soon the Language Key video course for complete beginners). If I were to give a private consultation, I could only repeat what I have said in the video course.

However, there are two ways to get a private consultation with me:

1) If you wish to be in closer touch with me and get direct feedback and tips from me, feel free to join the next Autodidacts’ Academy where I hold live webinars in which any of the participants can join on camera and have all their questions answered. Besides, the most active participants receive a private online consultation with me at the end of the course.

2) I am happy to exchange my know-how for your expertise on a subject which can enrich my personal or business life. I like to barter business mentoring, marketing consultations, coaching sessions or anything else that can bring me value. In that case, I’ll be happy to provide private lessons and guide you on your language learning journey in more detail. Contact me at and let’s see how we can help each other 🙂