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How to improve your grammar

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If you don’t know how to improve your grammar and feel quite unsure about it, I have a tip for you: Go to the nearest book store and have a look at what is available out there. There are so many amazing books which help you go through grammar in a very nice way, using exercises prepared especially for students for improving their language on a certain level. In this short video, I present 3 great books for 3 languages.

FRENCH – “50 ways to improve your French”

This is a very nice book with exercises for learning by yourself. 

You just go through the short chapters (two pages each) and do the exercises day by day. So if there are about 60 chapters, you can comfortably go through the book in two months with one chapter a day

Remember the most important thing: you always have to come back to the problematic parts. So if you made a mistake in one of the sentences/exercises, you should mark it down. The next day, before you go to the next chapter, start with those parts from the previous chapter where you made mistakes. 

“Learn systematically day by day.”

GERMAN –  “Weg mit den typischen Fehlern! (Hueber)

This book is about typical mistakes in German collected by many students. It is a very nice book with a lot of short exercises. So one exercise a day is the perfect way to go through a book like this, and it will not take too much time.

It is nice to have a system like this because learning systematically is crucial as you probably already know. 

I highly recommend the series Deutsch Üben von Hueber for learning German on any level. There are so many books in this series. I went through at least five of them when I was learning German myself. 

SPANISH  – “Para practicar el Indicativo y el Subjuntivo

If you are learning Spanish, you know that “Subjuntivo” is the most problematic grammar point. So if that is a problem for you too, why don’t you buy a book specifically about this issue? Again, you can go through the exercises one by one, day by day, marking the sentences where you made a mistake.

In this way, you can spend a month or two working on your grammar, and you will definitely feel a difference at the end. You will have all these amazing grammar examples in your mind, and you can use them in your speaking, writing, reading, or whatever else you’re doing with the language.

This book is a bit harder to come by, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it second-hand somewhere.

So go to your nearest book store, find a book you like, and you’ll see how much fun it is to learn grammar and improve it in this systematic way.


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