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How to find a conversation partner from the comfort of your home

Speaking. You won’t find a better way to improve your foreign language skills. Alas, starting to learn a language by yourself can make it seem hard to find someone to speak to. That’s why people usually start to focus more on passive...

whereby - online conversations made easy

Online conversation made quick and simple

When you learn a foreign language, sooner or later you’ll want to (or have to) speak it. We definitely recommend starting with speaking soon and regularly. Simply put, speaking requires practice. Don’t wait around for “later” and forget excuses such as...

how to learn a language using self-talk

How to Improve Your Language-Learning Skills Using Self-Talk

There’s no denying that speaking is a really important part of language learning. No wonder it’s one of the top priorities of successful language learners. For some of us, though, it can be a big obstacle. It’s no secret that speaking a language...