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Learning languages

How to learn a language effectively

Have you been trying to learn a language for years but still can’t use it effortlessly? Are you putting a lot of energy into it but still aren’t seeing real results? Do you feel like everyone else speaks a second language but you? You’re...

Do you need talent to learn a language?

VIDEO: Do you need talent to learn a language?

Whenever I tell people that I speak 7 languages, they always say: ‘Ah, you’re so talented, you’re so lucky, I wish I had the talent that you have.’But the question is:  Is it really talent that helps people learn languages? Is talent important to...

how to learn vocabulary

Do you need a “good” memory to learn languages?

Many people think that if they’re not good at learning languages and haven’t succeeded after many years, it is because they don’t have a good memory to remember every word. But actually, I believe this has not so much to do with memory...