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Scribd - audiobooks and e-books

How to read 50 books in a year and improve your vocabulary and foreign language knowledge? With Scribd, it’s a piece of cake!

Reading is one of the most common activities we have been doing since early childhood. We start with picture books and gradually increase the length and complexity of the texts. It allows us to live in other worlds, become superheroes,...

my top 10 personal development books

VIDEO: 10 personal development books you should read

In the previous blog I gave you tips about 10 books which I really loved reading, because they helped me grow professionally. In this blog, I want to share another 10 books with you, but this time, it’s about books that helped me...

VIDEO: 10 business development books to read in a foreign language

One of my favorite methods to learn a language is to read a book, because I just love getting several benefits at the same time. I read something interesting, learn something new and learn a language at the same time. Because the only way to...

ReadLang: Your personal translator

If you’ve ever tried to read articles on the internet in a foreign language, you must have encountered a problem of not understanding some words. If only there was a way to have them translated in just one click… There is one! This...