ReadLang: Your personal translator

If you’ve ever tried to read articles on the internet in a foreign language, you must have encountered a problem of not understanding some words. If only there was a way to have them translated in just one click…

There is one! This is the end of paper dictionaries and copying text into the Google Translate app. You can have a dictionary in your computer that’ll translate anything for you in just one click! You just need to do two things:

  1. Sign up at the website and download the Readlang Web Reader extension (for the Chrome browser). 
  2. Start browsing the internet!

After some basic setting up (language you speak and language you learn), find a website with interesting content in your target language. Activate Readlang Web Reader extension (just click on the green “R” in the upper right corner of the browser). If you don’t know what websites you should visit, click on the Library option inside ReadLang and the program will offer you many useful sites.

The Library also allows you to upload your own texts, and read texts that other users made public. You can filter them according to several parameters such as difficulty and word count.

From now on, if you encounter a new phrase, just click on it to see its translation. At the same time, the program saves these phrases into your personal Word List and turns them into flashcards that you can come back to at any time and review them using the spaced repetition system.

Readlang supports about 50 languages, allows importing and reading your own texts and ebooks and it also has the Public Text section offering a wide selection of various texts sorted by difficulty. 

The free version of Readlang is perfectly usable but if you decide to pay for the premium version, you’ll get some additional features such as unlimited number of translated phrases (only 10 a day in the free version), the so called Speaking mode, and others. 

ReadLang is the ultimate time-saver on the Internet. 🙂


If you’ve spent a lot of years/energy/money to learn a language and still can’t use it with confidence and ease in real life… you’re probably thinking that you simply don’t have “talent for languages''. There’s no other explanation, right?!

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The author of this blog post is Daša Oravcová, a professional translator and member of the Language Mentoring team since 2018. 

Language Mentoring provides a complete guide for learning any language using simple and often free resources on the internet and in bookshops. It was founded by polyglot, language mentor and author of this website, Lýdia Machová, in 2016. She's learned 9 languages by herself and she adds another one every other year. Her philosophy is that everybody can learn a language regardless talent, age or other qualities – if they know how to do it.