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Can you learn a language in language school - Classroom

VIDEO: Can you learn a language in a language school?

When people want to learn a new language, they usually sign up for a language course. This is one of the obvious solutions that many of us think about. We find a language school or a teacher, and we sign up for regular classes....

Do you need talent to learn a language?

VIDEO: Do you need talent to learn a language?

Whenever I tell people that I speak 7 languages, they always say: ‘Ah, you’re so talented, you’re so lucky, I wish I had the talent that you have.’But the question is:  Is it really talent that helps people learn languages? Is talent important to...

How to improve your grammar

VIDEO: The easiest way to improve your grammar

If you don’t know how to improve your grammar and feel quite unsure about it, I have a tip for you: Go to the nearest book store and have a look at what is available out there. There are so many amazing books...

how to learn vocabulary

Do you need a “good” memory to learn languages?

Many people think that if they’re not good at learning languages and haven’t succeeded after many years, it is because they don’t have a good memory to remember every word. But actually, I believe this has not so much to do with memory...

do not travel abroad to learn a language

VIDEO: Do I have to go abroad to learn a language well?

“The best way to learn languages is to go abroad to the country where the language is spoken and learn it there.” OR IS IT? Actually, this is a myth. Why is that? Because today, we have something people did not...